CM Minkler Paving treats every project like it’s their own.

When you call us, we come to you with an open mind. We listen to your needs, offer you practical options to suit your budget, and we get the job done right the first time.

Our goal is for every customer to be proud of the job we’ve completed. Happy customers will refer us to friends, neighbors and business associates with confidence! Our values are built on American pride, honesty, hard work, quality, and competitive pricing. Contact us or call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE on your next paving job! 603-414-7997


Our wide range of paving services include:

CM Minkler Paving treats your driveway as its own. If you are considering the benefits of asphalt for your home or business, our team guarantees to do the job right the first time. We show up on time and on budget. We leave making sure our customers are happy and proud of their fresh, new driveway!

Hard pack, is a mixture of crushed stone dust and stone. When compacted, this material forms a hard erosion-resistant surface. Hard pack an affordable alternative to asphalt, is commonly used on gravel roads, walkways and driveways.

New England’s harsh winter weather can cause frost heaves and cracks in asphalt. CM Minkler Paving will patch and repair damaged areas caused by the cold. Patches prevent further damage and eliminate fall hazards.

An oil & stone driveway, sometimes known as tar & chip, provides a durable surface and gives the same look as gravel. This method usually involves washed stone, then oil, then washed stone, evenly distributed and compacted with a roller.

As with most investments, regular maintenance is a necessary part of ensuring longevity. In the case of driveways, cracks may form over time due to the cold climate. Filling these cracks with asphalt emulsion prevents water from reaching the driveway’s sub-base. After cracks are filled, hot sealant should be applied over the entire pavement. Besides preservation, the sealant also renews the look of brand new pavement. This process is recommended every two to three years.

CM Minkler also offers parking lot line striping. Whether the need is from scratch or to freshen up existing stalls, the crew will get it done with superior precision. Call 603-414-7997 for an estimate today!

Rumble strips/stripes are a very effective, low cost safety measure, used to deter motorists from crossing the center or hazard lines. Grooves are etched in the pavement, when a car tire rolls over these impressions, they create a loud noise and vibration intended to alert the driver of drifting.

Cold patch is a repair material for patching potholes, filling utility cuts, and repairing damaged asphalt. C.M. Minkler offers cold patch as an alternative to asphalt, depending on your budget, location and the elements surrounding the project.

Proper drainage is essential for all paving projects. When thinking about a new driveway or parking lot, drainage plays a major role in the design. Installing culverts, waterways, catch basins, stone etc. protects and ensures longevity of all project components. When you hire C.M. Minkler Paving for your project, we make sure proper drainage is in place before starting your driveway or parking lot project.

The professionals at C.M. Minkler Paving always prepare your site properly to ensure the longevity of your new driveway or parking lot. Proper site work is essential for asphalt … especially in the New England states. Our experienced workers make sure your site is prepared for the best possible life of your new parking lot or driveway.

Do you have a damaged driveway or parking lot that needs complete repair? Did you know that asphalt is one of the countries most recycled products? CM Minkler Paving excavates old pavement and hauls it off to a recycling facility where it is processed and renewed! We then prepare a new site for you, and finalize a new parking lot or driveway on time and on budget!

CM Minkler Paving is a one stop shop for any project. We offer start to finish services with one call. Many projects require reshaping, adding, or removing from the current landscape. Our crew is respectful of every site and is mindful of flowerbeds and boxes, trees, shrubs, and bushes, etc. Minimal impact is our goal when breaking ground is required for a project.

C.M. Minkler offers trucking services haul out for disposal or bring in for gravel or dirt for your driveway or parking lot. One phone call will get your project done from start to finish … without having to work with multiple companies for each step of your job! Give us a call today for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATE – 603-414-7997.

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